Sketch Drawings

This section of the portfolio is where I get to go freestyle and draw what I want. I created the BB-8 and portal cube after a month with the sketch. The portfolio cover is something I recently produced.

  • Role Graphic Design, Illustration
  • Date 2015 – Current
  • Type Sketch | Graphic Design

I started out just trying to draw a keyboard while I was bored in my code school class, a keyboard turned into a mouse, a mouse turned into a Wacom tablet, then at that point I was inspired to finish out the rest of the desktop to replace the main image of my portfolio, which used to be a stock photo of a designers desktop.

I based my X-wing over the Death Star poster off Jeff Halsey's posters for Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. I wanted to draw up a Star Wars poster that fit in with that series. I tweeted this image at Jeff explaining my fondness for his work, and he retweeted my drawing to his followers and responded the following quote.

This was my third drawing (one month after learning to draw in Sketch). Star wars Force awakens was about to come out and I needed to express my excitement through creating this illustrated BB-8.

I’ve needed devices in some of my web development projects. Instead of paying for some stock photography I decided to draw up a few devices to put screenshots of various products and companies I’ve worked with.

This was my first attempt at drawing anything major in Sketch, I must have been a week in at that point and had just recently finished playing through the Portal & Portal 2 video game series. The Cake is a lie and also this is your companion cube.

I decided to draw my family into this Christmas card, it was our first Christmas season in Bozeman. I decided to reimagine both of my children Ethan and Zoe as well as my girlfriend Lisa. We are all a bunch of nerds and I thought that I would capture each of the things that we are all nerdy about with our t-shirts. Oh and who can pass up southparkifying your family!

I wanted to write a separate piece about the sign from the Christmas card. This sign exists on most of the major roadways into Bozeman. Mine is a little cartoonish but it's supposed to be. If you ever decide to visit or live in Bozeman be on the look out for these signs, it was fun drawing them.